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    February Reads

    I’ve got an ambitious list of reads for this month! Here they are!

    Nine Perfect Strangers – Liane Moriarty

    This one is about Francis, a 50 something writer who decides to take a expensive health retreat to help her recover from some of the things she’s dealt with over the past few months. The other 8 people who are there with her become connected in ways they really would never expect, when they find out the health retreat is much more than what they bargained for.

    Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker

    I’m actually listening to this on Audible, but its pretty interesting. It’s all about sleep, the science and history behind it, and things we can do to improve our sleep. The mans voice is very soothing though, so it kind of makes me want to go to sleep while listening to it.

    The Last Wish – Andrzej Sapkowski

    We fell victim to The Witcher series on Netflix, and we really enjoyed the whole concept of the witcher and his universe. The Last Wish is actually just all the short stories that were featured in the first season that’s up on Netflix now. If I can manage it, I’d also like to read the second book in this series, Sword of Destiny, but I can’t get ahold of a hard copy of it, because it’s become quite popular.

    The series is about the Witcher, Geralt, and his adventures in killing monsters for hire. It’s a fantasy series, so beware anyone who can’t deal with that. I’m loving it so far and I’m only 100 pages in.

    The Huntress – Kate Quinn

    This one is our book club pick for the month. It’s a post World War II novel of a man in search of a notorious Nazi called the Huntress, teaming up with Nina, who is the only one to ever escape the Huntress alive.

    This seems like it’s going to be a great read, I’m excited to dive into this one!

    What are you reading this month?