20 in 20

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since we woke up to the world having not ended. We unplugged the computers and had candles out, the bathtubs filled, and water and food stocked just in case the Y2K bug took us all out. When it all didn’t end at midnight, we all sort of thought “Maybe it’ll be midnight on New York time…or LA time.” So we went to bed figuring we might wake to the end of the world as we knew it. Turns out we were all crazy. It’s kind of hilarious to think about it now, that we thought the world was so technological back then that we couldn’t survive a virus. Did anyone have any idea what the next 20 years would bring? Not likely.

In the past, I have not wanted to take part in the whole “New Year New Me” BS. I’m still not really into that, but I’m into goal setting, so I thought I’d share my goals for this year. Here they are in no particular order.

  1. Continue my current weightlifting routine (3x/week).
  2. Practice yoga twice weekly (seriously, my muscles need it).
  3. Sprinkle enough cardio into my routine to not die on the Tough Mudder in June.
  4. Cut down on the clutter.
  5. Continue to build my sign business.
  6. Volunteer abroad and at home.
  7. Travel to a new country or two (or three?).
  8. Read 24 books.
  9. Make a habit of tracking my food.
  10. Practice Spanish daily.
  11. Run at least 1 5K each month.
  12. Take care of myself through therapy, daily meditation, journaling, taking time for myself, stop neglecting things I love doing.
  13. Utilize my planner more efficiently. Plan & Prepare ahead.
  14. Take care of my marriage (therapy, date nights, time together).
  15. Finish my Nutrition Coaching Course.
  16. Check off a couple of my bucket list items.
  17. Organize one room per month, at least.
  18. Spend more time with Harper.
  19. Be more intentional and less mindless on my phone.
  20. Use less plastic (bags and bottles).

Happy New Year!

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