Christians & Covid

Maybe if I get this out of my head and into writing, I’ll be able to understand it better. Maybe someone can enlighten me. I’m sure someone will give me a piece of their mind since this seems to be a hot topic. I’m also sure that this post will make a few people angry. If it does, maybe you should check your heart and motives. Just an FYI, any rotten or nasty comments will be deleted.

It’s not really a secret that I’m a Christian. If you ask me I’ll tell you. If you don’t agree with me, I’m alright with that. I have a deep faith that has vastly changed over my life. When I was a teen/young adult, I served within the church. I helped in any way that I could. But as I grew older, I saw the corruption and the horrible side of things that I didn’t udnerstand or see when I was younger. I left after Harper was born. Do I still keep my faith? Absolutely.

Am I against the church? Kind of, but not entirely. However, that’s a whole other subject, honestly.

What I am 100% for is Christians living the way that they’re supposed to live. Like Christ. Isn’t that the whole point?

If I’m wondering about my stance on a certain topic, I try and imagine what Jesus might have through. How would he have reacted?

I’m no Bible scholar, but the only time I can recall Jesus reacting in anger towards something was toward the Pharisees in the temple selling things for profit and turning a place of prayer into a place of greed. He was mad. He flipped tables. Otherwise, he always acted with love and compassion. Towards people who were not perfect. Towards the weak. The helpless. The sick. The needy.

Nowadays, Christians seem to cherry pick scriptures and use them to justify their actions. To justify hatred towards others. To justify their own choice of sin as better than someone else’s. To justify turning a blind eye to the people around them.

(I should stop here and say that I know not all Christians are like this. I know many who would literally give you the shirts off their backs and then ask if you needed anything else. They are the most kind and caring people in the world and emulate Jesus to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, the only time Christians ever make headlines is when they’re doing something horrible, not representing Jesus. They do not represent ALL Christians).

One piece of scripture really stands out to me. It’s when Jesus is doing his last bit of teaching before the passover meal and then heading to Gethsemane to be betrayed by Judas and sent to the cross to die. It’s one of His last teachings before He dies. It’s the parable of the sheep and goats. Matthew 25:31-46. (No, the irony that everyone calls mask wearers sheep is not lost on me). I’ll give the summary for anyone who doesn’t know the story.

He basically says that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who fed Him when He was hungry, gave Him a drink when He was thirsty, gave Him a room when He was homeless, gave Him clothes when He was cold, visited Him when He was sick, and visited Him in prison. When the people said they couldn’t recall ever doing those things for Him, He said that whenever you did these things for someone who was overlooked or ignored (or the least of these), that you did it for Him.

So what I really cannot understand is:

How can a Christian refuse to wear a mask?

How can someone who professes their desire to act like Jesus refuse to wear a mask on the grounds that the government is making them wear a mark of the devil, (or any grounds at all for that matter) when there are people close to them who are depending on them to help control the spread of dieseas?

Think you don’t know anyone who is at risk? Think again. That person two doors down who is going through chemotherapy and fighting for their lives? They need you. The kid who was born prematurely? They need you. The guy from church who had a heart attack last year? They need you. The lady whose business just barely survived lockdown? She can barely feed her family and she needs you!

How can Christians fall for ridiculous conspiracy theories? Would people really rather believe that this is all a hoax or a government plot to track or control people than to believe the only thing to be done to help is their own responsibility?

I feel like I should slip a little bit of Romans 13:1 in here, where it says to obey your governing authorities because there is no authority other than god and those that exist were put there by God.

What should Christians be doing?

Well, like I said, I’m no Bible scholar, or pastor, or anyone of authority, this is just my opinion, but by the sounds of it, we should be picking up groveries for those at risk. We should be making a meal for someone who is now out of work. We should help tutor a kid whose parent is struggling with distance learning. We should be wearing a face mask and washing our hands and helping in any way we can.

Why? Because that’s what the Jesus that I know and love would be doing.

That’s what the world needs so badly right now.


  • Heather

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I appreciate your words… it is time we stop thinking this is “all about me”…and make a conscious effort to be kind to those around us, and help protect the most vulnerable in our communities.
    For the most part, I don’t think there was one NBer that said they were invincible and then tested positive. We don’t even know when we are asymptomatic… why take the chance?
    I was in the dollar store this morning, and watched several people go in and leave WITHOUT their masks. I put mine on and no one inside had one on…except a little girl, maybe 7-8 years old.
    Bless her heart…and a child shall lead them.

  • Ginny

    You are so right and I too am a person of faith. Caring means for everyone.
    And I am wondering how you feel about vaccines? As a retired nuse I am for them. No conspiracy

    • admin

      Absolutely I am for them. I’ve nursed in foreign countries and if I told them that some people in North America declined the opportunity for their child to not get sick from a preventable illness, I don’t think they’d believe me .

  • Susan Phillips

    I absolutely agree with everything you stated about wearing a mask.
    I am saddened by your hurt in the church because yes there is corruption and evil within the walls of the establishment but the true family of God needs people like yourself who calls out the hypocrisy and helps to correct others.
    God Bless you, sister in the Lord

  • Stephanie Fleet

    Gotta say girl, I agree with your point. It isn’t about me and what I want or don’t want. I don’t like wearing masks, but I will because I am able to and because I feel I should.

  • Jlynn

    I cant say enough how much I love this winter. Well said girl… Do i like wearing a mask, no of course not but we have to protect each other….

    • admin

      Thank you! I don’t like it either. It makes 12 hour shifts reallllly long. But it’s what I’ve got to do to protect myself and my patients.

  • Erin

    Agreed. Jesus followed government laws and didn’t ‘fight the system’- even though he could have. This is why he was put to death- the government ruled he needed to be crusified- so he was…without a fight. Now if that isn’t following government ruling I don’t know what is!! Yet people can’t simply wear a mask?
    Also, the ‘religious’ people were the ones who ultimately sentenced him to death. So in relation to “the church being corrupt” it can totally be true. But that isn’t the purpose of church- and thank goodness we follow Jesus and not the people who dwell in the church buildings. It makes me sad people don’t follow Jesus because they have been snubbed somehow by someone calling themselves a Christian. People focus on people to make them feel good about religion and that rarely goes well.

    Why couldn’t we of had these convos instead did how we organize our garbage when you were down? 😅😅


    Very well written Winter. Many have been let down by church people over the years but thankfully it’s God we follow, not people. As far as the mask goes, I don’t know of anyone that enjoys wearing one. I wear one because the establishments require them. They don’t make up the rules but out of resect for them I wear one, and it could help protect someone that we may not realize is vulnerable to covid, and that someone could be us or someone we love. Regardless of who it is, I will wear mine.

    • admin

      Absolutely Leola. It’s sad to see people in our community fight so hard against it, when the rest of us really only want to keep our loved ones safe. I certainly don’t enjoy wearing one, and it makes 12 hour shifts very long indeed, but those are the rules and it might save someone I love.

    • Noni

      Masks give me anxiety, masks make me sweat, masks make my face breakout, masks are not convenient and sometimes i forget the stupid thing. That being said, to keep My family, my friends, strangers and myself safe, I will wear my mask and be thankful, for where I live, my family, my health and my God!

  • Karl Ingersoll

    Agreed Winter. Thanks for putting your thoughts to words. In 2010 we left the institutional church that we had known all our lives for a number of reasons. I have learned that there is a difference between church as an organization and Church as an organism. Often the institution fails to breed the kind of love that sees simple issues as you have outlined them in this blog. Sometimes you have to get outside the walls to see.

  • Eloise Lloyd

    Oh, Winter, you have summed up my thoughts about the organized church so well . . . I felt “it” even as a little girl, and was shushed when I questioned why/how so many Christians (at least in my church) could be so mean-spirited and not love everyone, and could be so “judgy”, and the only one who ever got invited to Sunday dinner was the minister. I do believe in “first do no harm” and if my mask-wearing helps even one person be safe from me . . . then I’ve fulfilled my duty as a citizen. I really like Karl’s insight: “I have learned that there is a difference between church as an organization and Church as an organism.” and it closely mirrors my thoughts though I couldn’t put them into words. For me God, Jesus and Christianity (or any religion, for that matter) has nothing to so with four walls and a roof.

    I am not insensitive to those with diagnosed anxiety, heart and respiratory issues who for medical reasons simply cannot wear a mask. I truly feel sorry that they are so judged.

    And yes, Heather . . . a little child shall lead them.

    Thank you again, Winter. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  • Sally Cogswell

    Well said, Winter. The children of this island are surpassing the adults in their compliance and willingness to wear masks to protect others.

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