Top 6 Places to Eat in Antigua, Guatemala

If there’s one thing you need to know right from the start if you’re planning a trip to Antigua, Guatemala, is that there are a ton of incredible places to eat. You will not go hungry. Surprised? I was too!

I’m a big fan of TripAdvisor. I review everything I do and everywhere I ever eat while I’m out on adventures. I was aware that there seemed to be come decent places to eat, but not too sure about much else.

In Antigua, everything is within walking distance. I’m not a huge fan of walking around until we find something we like, because much of the time, the best places are kind of hidden. Look at the menus outside of the restaurant. Most have a person standing outside to help you and draw your attention into their restaurant. Ask them questions. They know what’s up.

You may need to install Google translate. Several places that we went did not have many who spoke English. They usually have a menu you can read but you might have some difficulty communicating.

So without much more babbling on, here are my top favourite places to eat in Antigua, Guatemala.

#1 Cafe Condensa

Honestly this is probably my top favourite place to eat, and also my most frequented. They had fantastic breakfasts, as well as delicious cakes and sweets. The coffee was so good, and the atmosphere was really lovely, with the colonial style building with gardens in the centre that boast fountains and trees and birds chirping.

This place is found right off of parque Centrale so it’s quite popular. There is a little take out place in the front where we often got coffee, as well as it has a little gift shop inside.

#2 Luna De Miel

This was a brunch place that had amazing crepes, waffles, salads, smoothies, and iced coffee. The menu is huge, we’ve been in several times and still not tried a fraction of the options.

They even have a rooftop patio to sit on. We frequently saw little puffs go up from la Volcan Fuego here. It’s a fantastic view.

#3 Cafe Sky

The food here has been tasty every time. They’ve got North American options, and even soups and salads for when you want something lighter. The food isn’t what I come for, but the fact that it was good both times we went was a lovely bonus. The real reason we want to eat there every time we go is the view. It’s got a spectacular view of the city and Volcan Agua.

It is a bit off the beaten path but it is well worth the 10 minute walk. The staff was lovely every time as well.

#4 La Cocina De Paula

This gem is a well kept secret of the city. It’s local, Spanish food, made fresh. It’s extremely cheap and very very tasty. We were told to get the Pollo from Paula’s so we did. It was so delicious. It’s a tiny, hole in the wall place but it’s so good. If you’re looking for some local food, this is the spot.

#5 Monoloco

I can’t recommend places and skip this place. It had a more of a North American bar feel but the food was lovely. We actually watched the Super Bowl here one year! You get a ton of food for your money.

#6 Fernando’s Kaffee

I can’t even recall how many times I sat and ate here. Whether it was just a croissant and coffee or a breakfast or a dessert. The coffee is fantastic. The sweets were yummy. The garden is nice. It was very handy to were we were spending a lot of time so we frequented for coffee.

I can honestly not believe I don’t have more photos of my food from here but I cannot find any! Must have been too good to stop and photograph!

There you have it! My top favourite places to eat in Antigua! Enjoy!

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